Visual Aids

The Story of EFAs in Pictures

Did you know that fish don’t have oil glands? Therefore, when you’re taking fish oil, you’re essentially getting juiced fish. The far superior alternative is to get your PEOs from the highest quality source; organically grown and processed cold-pressed seeds.

The EFAs that should naturally be in your foods are processed until they’re ruined. This is very dangerous for your health, but the food manufacturers do it in order to keep food from spoiling on the shelves. Even fresh fruits and vegetables go through a treatment that damages these precious oils.

The first sign that you are deficient in “whole” EFAs or Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) is you are constantly hungry and typically crave the worst kinds of foods like sweets, starches, and other carbohydrates. Once you get PEOs in your diet, you will notice those pesky cravings will be reduced dramatically!

Parent Essential Oils are fundamental to proper nutrition. Our bodies desperately need PEOs for proper cell structure. Maintaining healthy cells is key to great health, high energy, a sharp mind, and resistance to illness.

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