Primary EFA Facts

Primary EFAs Are “Whole” EFAs

Primary EFAs are “whole” EFAs as opposed to EFA derivatives. Fish oil contains NO Primary EFAs.


Most popular health writers and nutritionists do NOT understand the difference between primary and derivative EFAs! They also don’t take into consideration that most if not all foods contain damaged omega 6 EFAs (trans fats), which are harmful to your body!

There are numerous articles on EFAs everywhere with some good information, but nearly all of these articles lack a basic understanding of the difference between primary and derivative EFAs.

You may also have read that you are getting an overload of omega-6 EFAs in your diet and that you only need to take omega-3 supplements. The problem with this bad advice is that the omega-6 EFAs found in most foods have been mostly damaged and turned into trans-fats. Therefore, by skipping Omega-6 supplementation, you are depriving your body of the essential, undamaged primary omega-6 EFAs it needs to function at peak performance!


Derivative EFAs are not used by the bodyunless derived from the primary EFAs. Nearly ALL EFA supplements, including fish oil, consists of derivatives. Your body does not need mega-doses of derivatives, which can cause you great harm! Your body makes the derivatives it needs from the primary oils, as well as using the primary EFAs directly.

The body uses 95% of the Primary EFAs and only about 5% of the derivatives.

So supplements without primary oils are insufficient and ineffective and can even be dangerous to your health!

Primary EFAs are fundamental to proper nutrition. Our bodies use Primary EFAs as the building blocks for cellular growth, which plays a central role in feeling, looking, and performing at your best. Your body can’t make Primary EFAs; they must come from food or nutritional supplements. Primary EFAs are plant-based, cold-pressed, organically grown seed oils derived from flax, pumpkin, sunflower, and evening primrose.

Primary EFAs Defined

Omega-6 – LA: Linoleic Acid. Your body makes into the derivatives GLA, DGLA, AA, as needed.

Omega-3 – ALA: Alpha Linolenic Acid. Your body makes into the derivatives: SDA, EPA, DHA as needed.

Proper Primary EFA radio: Primary omega-6 to Primary omega-3 = 1:1 to 2.5:1

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