Moving Beyond Fish Oil

Introducing Primary EFAs

Everyone has been told that fish oil, commonly called omega-3, is good for your health. This has now been proven wrong. Fish oil consists only of an inferior and potentially harmful form of omega-3s called “derivatives.” Omega-3 derivatives are NOT essential EFAs.

There are only two true essentials humans must consume from food or supplements every day—“parent” omega-6 and “parent” omega-3. Your body cannot manufacture them. Be aware these parent EFAs are not found in fish oil! Your body only needs a very small amount of those derivatives, and it makes those out of parent EFAs as needed. Just 1%-5% of the parent EFAs turn into derivatives; 95% STAY in parent form. Overloading on omega-3 derivatives from fish oil can be extremely harmful to health (causing severe physiologic overdose). Preliminary research often overlooked these critical facts, but landmark new research in 2009 and 2008 enlightened the medical community.

Real-life clinical results prove that patients show marked improvements when they change their daily EFA supplementation from fish oil (omega-3 derivatives) to a much more complete and biochemically correct blend of PARENT ESSENTIAL OILS (PEOs). PEOs are plant-based, cold-pressed, organically grown seed oils derived from flax, pumpkin, sunflower, and evening primrose. Based on the latest, most comprehensive new science in 2009-2008, it is clear that a proper combination of parent omega-6 and parent omega-3 is so far superior to fish oil and other EFA supplements, that it completely replaces everything else.


2009 Major NewsflashAmerican College of Cardiology:
•  Fish Oil DOES NOT STOP heart attacks. — “we saw no beneficial effect.”

2009 Major NewsflashAmerican Heart Association Champions Omega-6:
• “‘[P]owerful anti-inflammatory…
• “To reduce omega-6 …more likely to increase risk for CHD [heart attack].”

2008 NewsflashThe Importance of Parent Omega-3:
• Greater parent omega-3 = fewer heart attacks
• Fish consumption didn’t stop heart attacks.

2008/2005 Major Newsflash: EFA Derivatives Made “As Needed”:
• “[E]ffectiveness of ALA [parent omega-3] conversion….

2008 Newsflash – WARNINGDiabetics need to know…
• “Diabetic patients have the highest risk of coronary artery disease.

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